southbound productions.

welcome, welcome!

nationale & internationale Filmproduktion.

Everyone was in a gang at one point or another. Adventuring together. Thrown together, we are our own subculture. As a collective we pull in the same direction, put our heads together and are unique commercial film producers. We have gangs in Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Zurich and internationally. Because we believe in film.


our filmproduction.


On point. We produce commercials - for TV, Internet and co.


Corporate identity becomes tangible in corporate films. External communication for recruiting, image and co.


Visualization and emotionalization of corporate image - in the form of a film.

branded content.

Content that strengthens the bond with the target group. Relevant, interesting and creative.

new films.


we are family

We as filmmakers are like a big patchwork family. Everyone is good at something. One does production planning, the other is a cameraman. We combine these and more expertise together and turn them into a finished promotional film. Our job starts with the first idea, survives the “that’s a wrap” phase and is not over before the finished film is shown.



salute the solution!

What looks simple can be complex behind the scenes. For a good result you need one thing above all: good people! Fortunately, we not only know them, but call them our partners or even friends. Branded film production is a broad field. A field that we rock. We weave stories and create worlds – with words and images. Brand films made out of blood, sweat and sometimes even tears. Because we pull out all the stops to turn challenges into image films that you will remember for a lifetime.




What comes out of it and for whom - the finished films. In color and with sound, of course.


Eine Gang, out of the box, kreativ, und vor allem eins – viele!

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