Film production for sports and outdoor – this is what successful outdoor storytelling looks like!

The sun shines brightly in the sky, making the slope look like a sparkling snow blanket, the air is freezing cold. As the snowboarder leans into the curve, glistening snow spurts aside. As soon as the first seconds of the image film appear on screen, a feeling of outdoor adventure arises! Adrenalin goes up, making you want to go down a slope right away – advertising for winter sports and products couldn’t work better!

But not only in winter do outdoor videos spark a desire to be outside, also in summer they make you want to climb mountains and explore roads, forests and nature. No matter where the adventure is waiting, it offers a perfect setting for image films, product videos and other media productions for sports brands which sell outdoor clothing and equipment. Whether by bike, on foot or on the yoga mat, what matters is to convey the feeling that sport gives by moving image content. This requires strong images, the right dynamics, such as switching between high speed tracking shots and soulful slow motions, and of course the right music. So, when viewers feel a desire to lace up their shoes, pack their backpacks or put on their swimming goggles, then the creative minds of a film production have done everything right. Are you looking for examples? Here are three films that show how to turn the feeling of limitless freedom into videos.

Riese & Müller show how advertising can work in a sports environment

The sun is peeking over the mountain ridges, bathing the road in golden light. Long shadows fall across the road that runs between the massive ridges. A gentle breeze carries the scent of adventure and you just can’t wait to go! The moment the pedals start moving the bike, the journey begins. The product film by Riese & Müller goes “all in” when it comes to emotions and atmosphere. Wide shots alternate with close-ups, the dynamics provide an easiness that goes hand in hand with the summer feeling. With the close-ups, the camera brings functionality and design to the soulful atmosphere – a mix of the right “Look and Feel” and interesting product details! As soon as the film gains speed and the bike goes downhill, the viewer’s pulse goes up. You want to go on your next bike adventure right now, whether it’s mountain biking over hill and dale, bikepacking on a cargo bike or just a relaxed excursion to the countryside on a Dutch bike. The cooperation between agency Scholz & Volkmer and us as a production company shows how to turn technical innovation in e-bikes, enthusiasm for biking and love for the mountains into a successful product video while hitting the customer’s bliss point with that outdoor feeling.

Schöffel relies on storytelling for their outdoor products

There’s no bad weather, only bad clothing! One can imagine that Schöffel customers are no couch potatoes. And the commercial shot by DoP Mario Entero makes it clear once again that outdoor sports is really fun, even in snow and drizzle. Thick raindrops or thick snowflakes – a look out of the window shows that a warm winter hat and a multifunctional rain jacket are definitely the right choice today. So, put on your outdoor clothing and get outside! Especially when the sky is not blue and decorated with fluffy little clouds, but rather dramatically gray with fog rising from the valley, you really feel alive. When raindrops wet your face and you still take one step after another, your ambition keeps growing and you want to excel yourself. So, when you stand at the summit eventually, or at a rocky shore, letting your gaze linger on nature while there’s no other people around, you can’t help smiling. You’ve done it! And when the clouds open and sunlight flashes through, when the sky is glowing in red colors or a crackling fireplace warms your cold hands, you will feel it was worth all the effort. Perhaps outdoor adventures in autumn and winter are all the more impressive because they demand more of us and we can feel the fact that we are on the move in every part of our body. “I’m out.” – Schöffel’s slogan was taken literally for this advertising spot, because being outside is always worthwhile! The result: an atmospheric film, packed with hunger for adventure.

ODLO relies on aesthetics and feeling in their sports video production

When we stretch our neck muscles, train our strength and endurance with various asanas or allow ourselves a moment of rest at the end of a training session, we do it for both body and mind. Those who take care of the well-being of their body and the harmony of physical and mental health are more balanced in everyday life and more composed in stressful situations. By rolling out our yoga mat in the morning, we do more than just a small wake-up exercise; we create a routine that lets us go through life happier. It’s this feeling of inner satisfaction through movement we have after every training unit and we still feel when we go to bed at night. And that’s what ODLO wanted to convey in their various campaign clips. Where the other clips focus on outdoor sports such as jogging and hiking, these 15 seconds spots take you inside. The fact that the symbiosis of fitness and tranquility that makes you feel good in your body can also be perfectly staged indoors is shown here by using dark, warm colors and flowing sequences. The video shows the quintessence of yoga and implements it perfectly by focusing on the topic of concentration.

Runner’s high, adrenalin and pure freedom – sports and outdoor advertising is about sparking great emotion to present sports products and brands in a proper style. With a great concept and some well-thought-out planning, the sequences can be perfectly staged in a breathtaking outdoor setting and put in the right light in post-production, with the right use of dynamics, scene changes and music. Are you planning a sports and outdoor production of your own? As a full-service film production company with great enthusiasm for adventure media, we at FILMER are your partner for your outdoor and sports advertising project.
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