full-service filmproduction.


Magic has its origin - the film script.


Implementation. Ideas and plans become visible.


Quantities of film tapes, edited together to make the perfect film.

post production.

Grading, sound und Co.


who dat?

Film is our milieu, because everyone is allowed to participate. Producer, director, DoP, postproducer – you name it. We form gangs, reinvent ourselves for every film. Together we come up with ideas and sometimes forget that we should have grown up. After all, we've been making pictures for 30 years and films for over 10 years. The individual “filmmakers” behind the scenes are 20 employees, so we offer full-service film production. But film often needs more. Therefore, we love to associate with freelancers of all kinds of expertise. This is how we define our territory - with clear hierarchies - whilst we wear casual hoodies. We operate as commercial film producers in Berlin, Hamburg, Zurich, and yes - the world.


filmer and the gang

One for all, all for one. We are far more than three musketeers. Our gang is large and can be scaled as required. Fixed starters are concept, film shooting, film editing and post-production. We know someone everywhere. Berlin, Hamburg, Zurich – we cast our web out internationally. This is how we keep the distances short as a full-service production company. One hand washes the other and as perfectionists, they’ll always turn out so fresh and so clean.


what you see is what you get

The DoP, the director, the producer - we are like a large organism that functions all by itself. We put our heads together, think, have ideas and implement them. Our dreams are poured into moving images. This creates emotions and they are what we’re aiming for. For us filmmakers, visual storytelling is the “Holy Grail” of film production. Magic doesn't just happen, it is created by people like us and our gang of rascals. It is visually stunning. In comes in all forms. In our case, it is a commercial, image film, branded content and more. For us, no start-up is too small and no brand too big.


moving stills

Besides all the hustle and bustle of filmmakers, we can also stand still. We are filmmakers, who don’t only just hang out on the set with photographers, we meet them every day. Because we live, work and breathe in the same building as KME Studios. They have been taking photos for 30 years and also have their finger on the pulse of the time. Nationally and internationally. As a full-service photo production, concentrated know-how comes to the set.


"Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true."

Britta Mangold directing dop

"Das wird super!"

Christopher Mosselman director

"Let's shoot."

"Also dreh m'ehrs."

Sebastian Tischler directing dop

"This is not a rehearsal. This is it."

Corinna Coco Winter director

"Be happy."

Mario Entero directing dop

"Don’t stop to follow your dreams and being a kid in your heart."

Jonas Winter-Scholz directing dop

"The last 5% are the toughest to achieve, but also the most rewarding."

Michael Rittmannsberger director


Eine Gang, out of the box, kreativ, und vor allem eins – viele!

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